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LATVIA, RIGA, Central Station
LATVIA, RIGA or JURMALA, hotel or address
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Is it possible to lease the car in one direction?
Lease of the car in one direction is possible. This service is for additional charge. To precisely establish the sum, you have to contact us by the phone +371 28488888 or by e-mail info@balticcarhire.com.
May I drive with the leased car on the ferry and is there an additional charge for this service?
You may drive with the car on the ferry. No additional charge for this is paid.
Can I change my booking?
You can change the booking at any time before the start of the lease term. To change the booking, you have to contact us by the phone +371 28488888 vai ar e-pasta starpniecību info@balticcarhire.com.
How can I receive the booked car?
Upon ordering the car at the Airport Riga, our employee will meet you in the hall of incoming flights with the tablet of your surname. When booking, please indicate the number of your flight. When ordering the car to a particular address or hotel, the car will be delivered to the specified address or hotel at the appointed time.
What documents must I produce upon reception of the car?
Valid driver's licence and passport.
Agreement and payment
The Agreement is concluded when the car is delivered to the client. It will take 5-7 minutes of your time. 100% payment is performed after signature of the Agreement in cash or by credit card.
Your lease includes:

Run without limit (in km)
Insurance in case of a road traffic accident (franchise 450.00 EUR)
Full insurance of the car in case of stealing (franchise 450.00 EUR)
Third-party liability insurance
Additional duties at airport and local taxes
Value-added tax (VAT)
24 hour assistance on the road
Delivery and reception of the car
The Car Rental Company Balticcarhire.com DOES NOT COLLECT the tax and DOES NOT BLOCK money funds on your credit card.
Deductible of the lessee is 450.00 EUR.
What is full insurance?
Insurance SDLW covers in full the liability of the lessee in case of an accident or stealing of the car. When you acquire the full insurance SDLW, your deductible is 0.
Is the reception of the car with the ordered make guaranteed?
Car Rental Company Balticcarhire.com guarantees to you only the class of the ordered car.
Is the reception of the children seat guaranteed?
Yes. It is guaranteed.
What additional payments have to be made upon reception of the car?
Upon reception of the car you in obligatory manner have to pay:

Sum of hire in 100% amount
At your wish or necessity:

Full insurance
When receiving/returning the car in another city (except Jurmala)
Majority of companies charges a payment for any change - does it apply to you, too?
We respect the comfort of our clients, therefore the Company Balticcarhire.com performs all changes, including the cancellation of booking, without any charge.
What must I do if I have come into an accident (road traffic incident)?
First, you have to contact the manager of our Company. At the same time you have to call the police and prepare the protocol of the road traffic accident, because you will have to submit it to the manager of our Company upon return of the car.
I have returned the car earlier. Can I receive a money return?
Yes. We will recalculate the rental for the time used according to the tariffs of the Company and return to you the difference.
How can I cancel the booking?
You can cancel the booking at any time. You have to contact us by the phone +371 28488888 or e-mail info@balticcarhire.com.
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